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Eco Club

Eco Club Leaders 2021-2022

An Eco member is a pupil who is obviously part of the Eco club within a school, whose role it is to reduce the negative impact that the school has on the environment.

Eco members will be in charge of creating Action Plans for the school to follow with various targets on there for the term e.g. reduce the number of black bags that Mr. Townsend puts in the skip per week.

As part of Eco Club, previously we have:
- Donated clothes through the Dragon Bags scheme.
- Worked with the Digital Leaders to send 'Digital Christmas cards' that saved hundreds of cards being wasted.
- We have  collected old batteries.
- We went to Greenmeadow Farm to share good ideas with other schools.
- Went on an 'Outdoor Learning' trip.

As our school years have been a bit different recently, we have a lot of work to do to gain our 'Green Flag' and we are looking for hard working, committed and dedicated individuals who want to make a difference.

Autumn 2021 - We are aiming to reduce Energy wasted, reduce litter on site and also reduce general waste this term.