Greenmeadow Primary School

Inspire, Achieve, Dream, Succeed



Aims of Greenmeadow Primary School




Our goal at Greenmeadow Primary School is to create an inspiring, motivating and challenging curriculum, developing the children as lifelong learners who reach their full potential in an ever-changing world.


Our school motto simplifies our mission statement into four easy to remember values:-


Inspire, Achieve, Dream, Succeed 


Our motto is central to our pastoral care and ethos of our school and is intrinsic to all aspects of school life.  All stakeholders contributed to the motto.  We all know what the motto is and we live and breathe it daily here at Greenmeadow. It has been used for a number of years and fits the Four Purposes well.  All young children and young people will be:-


Ambitious, capable Amber

Ethically informed Ernest

Healthy, confident Banana Man

Enterprising, creative Rimus


Our School Mission Statement  - Why We Are Here In This School


  • To embrace the community spirit and embed it in a friendly atmosphere.
  • To create a happy, nurturing, inclusive environment for both staff and pupils where a values based curriculum is at the heart of all we do.
  • To be dedicated to the well-being and success of every learner, fostering independence and resilience  promoting healthy bodies, healthy minds and positive relationships.
  • To ensure we have the tools to engage fully and responsibly as active, respectful citizens of an inclusive local, national and global community. 
  • To awaken joy and expression through creativity, foster critical and collaborative skills, embrace challenges and celebrate the achievements of all pupils and staff. 
  • To establish a learning community where all pupils and staff are confident to express ideas, take risks and reflect, whilst acquiring new knowledge and skills to challenge themselves to achieve the highest standards with confidence and ambition.


Our Vision – Our Aims


We work together to:

  • Create a safe, happy, stimulating and inclusive environment.
  • Make everyone feel valued and respected.
  • Provide high quality teaching and learning through an enriched and inspiring curriculum.
  • Ensure our pupils are well behaved, respectful and show their values.
  • Ensure that pupil voice is strong and pupils are confident and independent in their decision making.
  • Create strong home school partnerships.
  • Promote equal opportunities by opposing all forms of prejudice, discrimination and racism, celebrating differences and respect for all.
  • Use our community and the wider world to help us learn and to ensure we are enterprising and creative thinkers who are ready for the world of work
  • Create opportunities for learners to be curious, keeping abreast of new technologies to be prepared for the future and be motivated to continue to learn.